Gualala Roast Ayurvedic Coffee Alternative. Caffeine-Free. Low Acidity. Capomo. Chicory. Ashwagadha.

Not Coffee?

then what is it?

Caffeine-Free. Low Acidity.

Ok i'm in!

Lets face it I love coffee, but it doesn’t really love me back. Often when I drink it, I suffer from all kinds of symptoms: acid reflux, trouble sleeping, anxiety, nervousness, irregular heartbeats, headache. Don’t get me wrong I love some of the stimulating and focusing effects of coffee, but the symptoms are outweighing the cost. I have tried so many coffee substitutes I am mostly disappointed. There are a few I like ok, but I finally found one I LOVE. It actually tastes like coffee and you can brew however you like to make your coffee I like the French press. Finally! I realize all coffee is not crated or processed equally but this stuff satisfied my cravings in every way. I do feel a mild stimulating effect from the ashwaganda herbs, but NONE of the bad reactions I get. I can have it black or with milk, soy or whatever. And when I discovered the foaming machines that make frothy warm milk… Well I say goodbye to the $5.00 latte habit and hello Gualala Roast at home. I love the ritual of my warm coffee-style treat without the harmful effects of coffee. Beyond great. Thanks Guys~

Lila, Oregon

This stuff is off the chain!